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Wool, silk, organza, taft, velvet tapestry with sequin sky and golden and crystal embroidered beads. Size approx. 270x185cm. 2023


Organza, velvet and silk tapestry with golden and crystal embroidered beads. 270x190cm. 2022

Je zal er zelf wel om gevraagd hebben, de kalender!

Verjaardagskalender met afbeeldingen van álle kralenwerken! 2023

Je bent best technisch voor een vrouw

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 48x25cm. Handwoven. 2023

Stel je niet zo aan

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 40,5×17,5. Handwoven. 2023

Je mag niet eens meer flirten

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 29,5×25,5cm. Handwoven. 2023

Doe eens niet zo ongezellig

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 340,5x21cm. Handwoven. 2023

Vroeger kon dat gewoon

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 35x28cm. Handwoven. 2023

Niet zo boos kijken

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 37,5×17,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Ben je ongesteld, of zo?

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 21,5×39,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Je zal er zelf wel om gevraagd hebben

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 47,5×26,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Het ergste moet nog komen

Black velvet, black matte glass beads, gold plated beads, nylon and cotton thread, aluminum frame. Size 40,5×40,5×4,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Hij bedoelde het vast niet zo

Hij bedoelde het vast niet zoSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 24x35cm. Handwoven. 2022 Hij bedoelde het [...]

Je mag ook niks meer zeggen

Je mag ook niks meer zeggenSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 24x33cm. Handwoven. 2022 Je mag ook [...]

Zo is hij nou eenmaal

Zo is hij nou eenmaalSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 26x34cm. Handwoven. 2022 Zo is hij nou [...]

Het was maar een grapje

Het was maar een grapjeSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 30x30cm. Handwoven. 2022 Het was maar een [...]

Molotov Cuddles

Molotov CuddlesThree crochet molotov cocktails. Acrylic yarn, fiberfill, cardboard. Varying sizes. Edition of 3+1. 2022 Aren't these stuffed Molotov cocktail [...]

Een standbeeld voor Truus van Lier / A statue for Truus van Lier

War monument for resistance fighter Truus van Lier for the City of Utrecht, 1m72 tall, bronze, 2022

The Snake

The SnakeBeadwork snake made out of 12.034 glass and metal handwoven beads. 160cm in length, 7cm at its widest point. [...]

Misogynist YouTube Titles

Two misogynist YouTube titles from the Manosphere/Incel movement. Size varies, but the letter ‘e’ measures about 9x9cm. Velvet and stuffing material. 2021

Beadwork tapestries

Two beadwork tapestries, ‘men of quality do not fear equality’ and ‘still not asking for it. 11.150 beads and 50,5×30,5cm each. 2021

Let’s get political

My favourite meme made out of velvet

Men on Pedestals

Series of two tapestries made out of velvet, depicting an actor (Tom Cruise) and singer (Bruno Mars) standing on a box so they appear taller than their female co-star.

Teatr-e Shahr Metro Station

A scene in a metro station in Tehran, Iran. Based on a photo I took while I was there. Organza, 350x200cm, 2021

Trump no.1, 2, 3, 4

Four beadwork tapestries, each measuring 30x30cm. Each beadwork tapestry is made out of 6700 individual glass and metal beads, each sewn on one by one. 2021

¥€$ (Yen Euro Dollar)

Stuffed toys in the shape of a ¥, € and $ currency symbol, together creating the word ‘YES’. Black and red velvet, spandex, stuffing material, aluminum stands. 180x80x20cm, 2021

Het Monster van Loch Mann

Site specific installation with a replica doll of gallerist Henk Logman, jazz music, glitter, graffiti, toilet, fog machine, water, wall paper. A collaboration with Marin Hondebrink. 2020-2021

Sending Thoughts and Prayers

Small bead tapestry. 24.878 glass beads, cotton thread. 37,5x28cm. 2020

Radium Girls

Portrait of Grace Fryer (1899-1933), made of antique and vintage radium watch hands on paper, 2020

Men of Quality

Hand-sewn banner, photo series existing out of 20 photos taken on the streets of Tehran, Iran. Prints available in multiple sizes. 2019

Iranian Velvet pt.2

Private photos transformed into velvet tapestries. Sizes: 2x(100x75cm, aubergine red), 2x(50x70cm, pink). 2020.

Iranian Velvet pt.3

Globe made out of velvet. Size: 50cm in diameter. 2019

Iranian Velvet

Hand-assembled images based on street photos, velvet on canvas. Sizes: small: 40 in diameter; large: 50cm in diameter. Made at the Aria Residency/Aria Gallery in Tehran, Iran in 2019.

Alleen op een Landgoed

Seven-day performance held at Landgoed het Buitenland/Bergarde Galleries, camp site, audio documentary (30mins, in Dutch), 2019

Utility Box on Enghelab Street

Hand-sewn tapestry made out of red organza, nylon thread, embroidery floss and beads. 4,36×2,30m. 2019

Bum Revisited

A project about sexism and nudity, which initially started as a joke. Materials: multiple nude models, umbrellas, glitter, paper pineapples and a lot of fun. 2018-ongoing

For You, María Hernández

Triptych; embroidery cloth, embroidery floss, aluminum wire, plastic strips, gold paint. This work was made for the ‘La casa de María Hernández’ exhibition at IMJUS, Mexico City (MX). 2018

Korean Promises

Hand-sewn tapestry, 225x145cm, organza, nylon sewing thread, acrylic tube. 2018

The Institute of Misinformation

Another social experiment on truth and misleading information, made for ‘VIJANDSCHAP’ at Fort Maarsseveen, 2017

Soft Series: Brass Knuckles

Hand-sewn replica of brass knuckles, made of satin and lead, scale 1:1. Photo print on aluminium, sizes vary. 2017

Soft Series: P7

Hand-sewn replica of the P7 gun by Heckler&Koch, scale 1:1, made out of satin, filled with sesame seeds and dried lavender. Photo print on aluminium, 60x40cm. 2017

Soft Series: Naval Mine

Sewn replica of a WWII German-type Naval mine, made of organza, transparant busks and sewing thread, scale 1:1. Made at an art residency at Kunsthal45, Den Helder. 2017


Video (18min) about celebrity culture and a Brad Pitt visit to an exhibition, shot while I worked as an intern at dOCUMENTA(13) in 2012, edited in 2016.


Wi-fi sensor monitoring wi-fi enabled devices, projection in daylight, made for There is Absolutely No Cause for Alarm @ UNSEEN FESTIVAL, 2016

The Gaze

Series of manipulative performances for ‘Unnoticed Art Festival’, 2016


Film (42mins, Full HD), collectibles, audio podcast (7mins), scent, travel journal, 2014-2015

1000 cranes

Performance, notebook, video, folding paper, cranes, 2015

Soft Series: The AK

Hand-sewn replica of the AK47 rifle on a scale of 1:1; satin, sesame seeds; photo of model with rifle, prints available in multiple sizes. 2015.

Funny Games

Series of games made for artist-in-residence site De Torenkamer of radio show Opium op 4/AvroTros, Amsterdam, NL. Named after the 1997 Austrian thriller movie. 2014.

Untitled (for Utopia)

Series of videos about personal views on the concept of ‘utopia’ for the Utopia exhibition at Collectief Derde Wal, Nijmegen, NL

Merging Spaces

Book, essay, installation with table and map. Made at the artist-in-residency space the Kinderdijk Project. 2013


A book about a boy that shared that much information online, that you could literally write a book about it. He did not know a thing… Book, timeline, photo. 2013

Walther Plush5

Crochet replica of one of the current Dutch police force’s handguns, scale 1:1. Edition of 5. 2013

Dr. Pill

Pill, documentary, patient information leaflet, 2010-2012

The World’s Most Exclusive Membership

Website, web statistics, audio documentary, ballpoint pens and other advertising resources, 2011-2012


Series of manipulative performances for ‘Three Artists Walk Into A Bar…’ at De Appel, Amsterdam, 2012


A film where I filmed exactly one day in someone’s life, for exactly 24 hours, without censoring anything. 2011

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